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Dame Elizabeth by Alex Price       
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EXTREME     Tags: Hangwoman, Femdom, Firing squad, flogging
....The gray cum filled his pants and dripped next to his foot. As the satin latina keept flogging his penis..... ...
Stephane, La Parisien by Alex Price       
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EXTREME     Tags: Hangwoman, Firing Squad, Squirting
....(!)Somebody had paid a small brive, in order to have her dressed in that tight leather suit---- Acording the rumors, some sadist collector or just some fs. aficionado.... ....She picked up for that day a Black sweater , a silver plated satin petticoat, shiny black leather pants, knee stilletto knee boots and gloves (All ...
FAMILY RIVER RAFTING by Andy West       
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EXTREME     Tags: Fantasy Cannibalism, beheading, young, forced, throat slit.
A family falls prey to cannibals while river rafting in the Smokey Mountains. When the raft capsizes, the dad is separated from the mother and two young daughters. They get picked up by a group of men, pretending to offer them help and transport, but instead are taken to a restaurant where the are selected and prepared in differ ...
The Smothering Box by Author Unknown/2002, Modified by Alex Price       
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EXTREME     Tags: femdom, execution, hangwoman, satin, facesiting, Lara Croft
".... The sound of someone walking down the stairs made him jump. It was Miss Croft. She looked magnificent. Tall and elegant she was dressed in a long and shiny black satin ballgown...." ".... Her face was impassive, her lips brilliantly dressed with her maybelline, set in a firm line. - Ok. We both know ...
Tessa Phillips: Impulse Paris (2014 - UK.) by Alex Price       
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EXTREME     Tags: Firing squad, execution, satin, leather, squirting
"....Oh please Daniella, it's never fashionable to refuse the hangman's noose, once you have been condemned!...." "....The woman entered the block of cells. She was 42, taller, with nice breasts, not big. She had shiny fair hair falling straight in an inverted bob, combed smooth and gleamed. Her black leather jeans were, reveal ...
Alex, A Tale Of Justice By Billy by Billy       
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EXTREME     Tags: Hanging, hangwoman, satin, fantasy, execution, gallows, noose
A short story about my execution on the gallows written for a friend. ...
Lady X by Alex Price       
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EXTREME     Tags: Hanging, hangwoman, satin, fantasy, femdom, execution
A hangwoman, a boy.... And.... "....Then a masked woman emerged from the darkness dressed in an stylish black satin, suit (With pants)...." "....Tim looked intently at the Hangwoman smiling winsomely to him with her satin gloved hands resting on her hips, and her resplendent tresses. Then Lady X...." ...
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