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A Spitroast

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Tags: extreme mf ya c scifi fantasy

A story from Honda-Matic's Snuff Wars series.

A Spitroast

by Honda

©Copyright 2003 Honda-Matic, All Rights Reserved. This story may be reproduced only in its full, original, unedited and unmodified posting where: 1) full credit is given to its author and, 2) no commercial gain of any sort is realized as a result of its reproduction. No permission is granted, actual or implied, to reproduce a modified version of this story, in whole or in part, without the express consent of the author.
This is a scene from the popular snuff series titled: 'Snuff Wars'.

WARNING: This story is intended for adults only. It contains snuff.

The following day, as a sign of good fait and also to show their gratitude, Fraser offers one of her warriors to the Kanipu. She had selected a tall brunette with well-toned muscles and firm breasts. They went to the centre of the village and erected two Y-shaped poles around a fireplace. Then the brunette stripped naked for everyone to see her young and delicious body. Once she was naked she bend over on all fours and spread her legs apart to expose her pussy. Fraser took the spit that they had prepared and lubed with some kind of oil that the natives had provided and began to rub the brunette’s pussy. The natives all looked on curiously. They have never seen a spitting before since they always boiled their food in a pot.

Fraser carefully inserted the tip of the spit into the brunette’s vagina. Her pussy lips immediately parted letting the spit glide into her. Fraser slowly pushes the spit deeper into her and she moaned with pleasure. The watching natives obviously got very turned on by the spectacle. Many men called out for their wives to come over and give them a blowjob while their eyes were glued to the action performed by Fraser and the brunette. Once the women arrived to pleasure their husbands, they soon realised what was happening and they too got very aroused by the spectacle. Many refused to continue to pleasure their husbands. Instead, they too wanted to watch the spitting while frigging themselves. Meanwhile, Fraser had pushed the spit deeper into the brunette’s pussy and was fucking her with it pulling it in and out slightly. It looked like she was being fucked by a huge rod and she seemed to be enjoying it tremendously from her ecstatic facial expressions. Then the foreplay was over and Fraser got to business. She positioned herself straight behind the blonde and gripped the other end of the spit with both her hands and tried to align it in a horizontal position. The brunette took a deep breath in preparation of her full impalement and crouched down a bit to get a better balance and be a little more comfortable for the impalement. Then Fraser shoved the spit deep into the brunette and continued pushing the spit until it went all the way though her and emerged from her mouth. The tip of the emerging spit was almost bloodless. It had not punctured anything vital and the brunette would be able to live a bit longer and be roasted alive. It was going to be a pleasure watching her wiggle and fry.

The natives all watched in amazement and fascination as the brunette’s hands and legs were tied securely to the pole. Then two of Fraser’s warriors helped her carrying the spit and the brunette over the fire where she was placed over the low burning fire. The two ends of the spit were securely snug into the Y-shaped poles on each side of the burning fire. Then Fraser attached a barrel to the dull end of the pole. The barrel allowed them to manually rotate the brunette over the fire slowly so that her body would be evenly roasted from all sides. The natives were very appreciative of this new method of cooking food and seemed to have enjoyed watching it a lot as well. Many of the women were now hot and horny and sucking furiously on their men’s cocks or on all fours being fucked from behind. A lot of the children were gathered around the fire also and watched with great interests as the brunette sizzled over the fire and some more adventures ones were poking and prodding the brunette with twigs as they watched her shudder and shake with orgasms.

Many of the natives were also very curious about how the meat would taste like being prepared in this new way. Josephine was quite busy trying to explain to them how spit roasting was one of the most popular Onixian methods of cooking their meat. The native were mouth watering after listening to Josephine describing the delicious and succulent taste of roasted meat. They could hardly wait for the brunette to finish roasting so that they could sink their teeth into her tender meat. They were all curious how roasted meat would taste but were also wondering whether Onixian women tasted better than theirs.

And soon they found out. After another few hours of waiting and lots of fucking, the meal finally was ready. Fraser did the honours of cutting off a succulent piece of tit meat and offered it to the chieftain. He hungrily grabbed the piece of tenderly roasted tit meat and hungrily bit into it. He tremendously enjoyed the taste of his first roasted meat and loved every bite of it. Soon he was asking for seconds. When Fraser offered him a taste of cunt steak, he was convinced that he had made the right decision of inviting these strangers to live with them in spite of the dangers associated with it. The delicious and heavenly taste of this tender meat had to be well worth any dangers in his opinion.

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