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Decorating the Cross

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Tags: extreme mf ya c scifi

A japanese girl is tortured, nailed to a cross and fully impaled.

©Copyright 1999 Honda-Matic, All Rights Reserved. This story may be reproduced only in its full, original, unedited and unmodified posting where: 1) full credit is given to its author and, 2) no commercial gain of any sort is realized as a result of its reproduction. No permission is granted, actual or implied, to reproduce a modified version of this story, in whole or in part, without the express consent of the author.
This is a scene from the popular snuff series titled: 'Snuff Wars'.

WARNING: This story is intended for adults only. It contains cruxification and torture.


Ms Kazari had told the group of cheerful girls to undress. It was a chilly autumn morning and quite cold. "Donít worry about catching a cold girls.", she remarked. "Iíll make sure youíll feel the heat.". And indeed it was not an empty promise. They did feel the heat. She watched them all strip naked and then assigned each of them a cross. They were nice wooden pine crosses which had been freshly made only a few days ago. The sweet perfume of soft, fresh pine could still be smelled.

Each girl was asked to stay with her assigned cross and lay over it, ass trussed up into the air. "Stay like that and donít move", she had told them. Then she had signalled her assistants, a group of well-build and muscular men to flock the girls. Each girl was flocked until she had screamed her throat sore and her ass and back was covered with red, bleeding bruises. While the girls were being flocked Ms Kazari had walked along the line of tortured girls inspecting the handiwork of her assistants and commenting on their performance and advising them on improvements where required.

One particular cute girl, the lovely Kumiko, was being beaten much more severely then the other girls. Her torturer, Ralf, was enjoying himself extremely well. Her beautiful agonising cry of pain and pleasure was like the sweetest music to his ears. He had continued to enjoy his music for quite a long time and made sure it did not stop. When her voice, like all the other girls had become hoarse, the beating stopped and Ms Kazari had instructed her assistants to give the girls a drink of water and some soothing lollies for their throats.

This was just the start of their torture. "Get the salt and make sure you donít forget any spots", she hurried her assistants who each took a jar full of salt and started sprinkling it onto the bare and bleeding girlsí backs. Another chorus of screaming had started, this time much more in synchrony. After the initial and loud intro to the screaming fest, the screaming became less intense. The pain was not as bad as when their wounds were first sprinkled with salt. Smaller gasps and screams were uttered by the girls while their backs were rubbed with salt. This would ensure that there would be no infections and the girls would be able to endure more torture.

Then they were allowed a little rest and were told to lay on the crosses on their backs. "Secure them!", Ms Kazari had commanded and her obedient assistants unrolled coils of barbed wires which they used to tie the girls to the cross. "Wrap it around them so that they are secure but donít cover their bodies. People want to see the girls, not the barbed wire.", she had commented while they diligently followed her instructions and used the barbed wire to secure the girls to the crosses.

Next boxes with big steel nails were unpacked. The eyes of the helpless girls grew wide when they saw the monstrous nails which would be used on them in just a short moment. But they were powerless to do anything. They had neither the energy nor the liberty to move. The barbed wired had bound them to the crosses and prevented any movements. Kumiko stared with disbelief at the huge nails while it was placed above her wrist. She couldnít believe she had competed against hundreds of over girls to end up like that. She had volunteered for this special event and was chosen from amongst hundreds of other girls to be allowed to participate. It had seemed so gracious to be crucified for such an important and auspicious event and all her friends and relatives had been so proud of her when she was amongst the few chosen after the final round of selections. She had felt like a princess, the prettiest girl in the world. But now, the pain was unbearable and she was scared knowing that those huge nails were about to be driven into her.

Suddenly she felt the cold metal nail being driven through her wrist. The pain was horrible and shot through her whole body. She quivered and screamed as the second nail entered her other wrist. A cold icy feeling ran along the back of her spine and she could feel it slowly engulfing her whole body. Then suddenly the pain was gone and replaced with a weird unknown feeling. It actually even felt good. Kumiko thought that she might have gone crazy or had died. But that was far from the case. She was still very much alive but her body had taken enough pain and abuse. It had shut itself off from all the unwanted sensations. Kumiko, like the rest of the girls were still feeling the pain inflicted upon them but due to its intenseness the pain registers in their bodies had overloaded and were unable to register any of the intense pains any more. Pain was still there and felt, but the more intense ones were being ignored and in most cases interpreted as a different feeling. Kumiko was starting to enjoy her torture and feeling quite aroused. When another nail was driven through her ankles, she screamed out in pleasure and an enormous orgasm rippled through her entire body. Kumiko felt at peace and happy. She felt how her cross was being erected in front of the podium in a straight line with the others. The sun was getting up and its rays braced her skin and warmed her up. She had never enjoyed a sunrise in such a way before. It felt really good and she felt as if she was one with nature. She only had content and joy left in her heart.

She was spread on the cross and enjoying the sun slowly warm her body for a while when she felt something prodding her pussy. It was a spiked pole being rubbed against her labia and slowly being pushed into her. Kumiko moaned softly with slightly parted lips while the pole was pushed higher up and deeper into her cunt invading her womb and passing through it. It did not feel very painful at all, but rather she felt fully stuffed. It was better than any cock she had ever experienced. It totally filled her up and reached further than any cock could ever go. It passed past her lungs and was nearing her oesophagus at the back of her throat. Kumiko tilted her back slightly backwards, the only movement she was able to do that her bonds allowed. With another slight push the tip of the pole emerged from her mouth forcing her jaws wide apart to allow it come out of her mouth. She gagged while it rubbed against her throat on its way out. Kumiko, like the rest of the girls had been properly crucified and impaled.

There was only one more final thing to do for their preparation. The final cruelty to be inflicted upon their little, fragile bodies was to gut them. Each of the assistants had taken a sharp knife and started their work on their assigned girl. Kumiko felt the cold steel of the blade touch her belly and felt another shiver run down the back of her spine. It felt so good and she quivered with excitement. Her only regret was that she was unable to move her hands to rub her pussy. The knife slid open her belly like butter and she felt how her intestines dropped out. She felt a few more cuts while her belly was opened wider for all her guts to drop out. This finished her preparation. She was left like that to be dried by the sun and suffer a slow and agonising death by dehydration and loss of blood.

For more depravity read the whole Snuff Wars series.

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