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The Cheerleader Roast

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Tags: cannibalism, gynophagia, dolcett-style, snuff, impalement, longpig

Young Jessica gets the supprise of her life after cheerleading for the big football game.

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Jessica, a young blonde cheerleader at Dolcett University, had a terrible feeling that something bad was gonna happen on this day that she just could not explain. She thought to herself, "I guess I'll just have to see what happens." as she dressed for school in her "DU" school uniform, remembering to pack her cheerleader's uniform for the football game later tonight.

Jessica was a new cheerleader for "DU", added to the first string squad from the alternates. Today would be her first game, also her last game. since this was the "Big Game" the last chapionship game of the season, She was a little nervous, but she could tell that this was not what her bad feeling was about, she could almost sense that something bad would happen to her today. What ever it was she was sure to face it without fear, she hoped!.

Her day went on as planned without a problem. She attended every class and heard every lecture. She was beginning to feel as if she were wrong about what she had been feeling, untill she remembered she still had a game to go to. After school she went into the locker room to change into her cheerleader's uniform and rehearse the routine before game time.

Just before game time, the rest of the squad arrived to dress and prepare. Jessica felt that feeling again, almost telling her not to go out to the field with them, as if the rest of the squad knew something she didn't. She thought she could hear them talking about her. Some looks toward her she couldn't explain. She brushed it off as a silly stage fright and let it pass.

Once again nothing happend to her. The game went on without a single problem every routine done with perfect accuracy, she breathed a small sigh of relief, then prepaired to go home by returning to the locker room and changeing to her school uniform. While back in the locker room, she once again felt the eyes of the rest of her squad on her and she could hear the faint whispers. Now she knew something was wrong, picked up her bag and headed for the exit as fast as she could.

Jessica never made it to the exit door. As she was running past the rows of lockers, James the quarterback seemed to come out of nowhere to grab her. She was hogtied, gagged, blindfolded, and thrown into the back of an old van to await her fate. She felt the van begin to move and knew what ever he had planned would come soon enough.

Jessica was scared out of her mind, but was determined not to let James see her fear. The van stoped and her heart sank. She knew what ever he had planned for her was about to take place. The doors to the van opened, then Jessica felt strong hands grabing at the ropes to pick her up and she was carried away from the van. Jessica could feel the cold steel of a knife begin to cut the ropes that bound her. The ropes weren't the only thing cut, with the ropes went her clothes. As her clothes fell to the ground Jessica could feel the cold of night on her bare skin and knew she was outside somewhere. Her hands were rebound behind her back and she was forced to walk, walk where? She would soon find out.

Jessica walked for what seemed like hours to her in her frightened condition, but was only a few hundred yards. She could feel warmth coming from a fire that was starting to die down a bit. She heard a voice she could not recognise. "The fire's ready James, bring the meat." Hearing this Jessica thought to herself, "Does he mean me?, no he cant mean me. My numbers not up yet!".

Jessica then felt those strong hands, once again pick her up and place her on a raised platform she realised was some kind of stage. She could hear lots of voices chanting, "Spit her!, spit her!" at that moment James ripped off her blindfold and her fate was revealed as she looked upon the sight of "The Jessica 3000" comercial size woman spitting machine.

With the gag still in her mouth all Jessica could do was whimper a bit and cry while she was lead over to the huge crome machine that would soon take her life. James forced her to mount the Jessica 3000 in a kneeling possition. He began straping her in with her wrists and ankles in their proper possitions, a long leather strap over her waist. Forcing her head into position with her chin in its rest, then straping her head down tight. With this done he removed her gag. With the gag removed Jessica was now free to talk. "What are you doing to me!" she screamed as the on lookers laughed at her.

Jessica struggles in her bonds as she tried to free herself from Jessica 3000's hold on her. She heard a man's voice speaking to the crowed from his microphone. "We are about to spit roast you my dear." he said, as she screamed again, "Why me? What have I done to you?" Jessica could see her whole cheerleader's squad out in the distance watching her struggle. Stacey the head cheerleader, came up onto the stage and knelt down beside Jessica. She began to whisper into her ear, "You were chosen for this my sweet meat, every year the football team takes the newest cheerleader to roast after the big game, so we always choose an alternate to replace one of us, that way we don't roast and you do!" she wispered as Jessica continued to cry.

Jessica heard 3 clicks comeing from behind her as Stacey left her side. She could not see what made the clicks but she knew. She had seen girls spitted many times before at the monthly state barbeque. She knew the 3 clicks meant that the spit had been loaded, The Jessica 3000 was ready to fire. James lowered a microphone to the frightened girls lips and said, "Any last words Jessica?" For several seconds all that could be heard was whimpering from a frightened girl, then she spoke "Please dont kill me its not time for me yet!" With that James gave the signal to start the machine. Once the Jessica 3000 was started there was no stoping it until the machine finished its job.

One of the other members of the football team pushed the kill switch on the Jessica 3000 at James's signal. James positioned the spit at the entrance to Jessica's pussy and the spit began its short journey through her body. Piercing her cervix, through her stomuch, under her ribcage, past her heart, and then finaly from between her rose red lips, with Jessica screaming the whole time, begging for them to spare her life.

Blood could be seen dripping from the end of the spit sticking out of Jessica's lovely red lips, as the crowd continued to cheer and chant "Roast her! Roast her!" James then released both of her hands and tied them tight behind her back. He placed an anal spit, much smaller then the first one, onto the spit, then shoved it hard up Jessica's anus. When both her ankles were released, Jessica began kicking hard trying to break free of the spit but even though she was still alive, she knew she wouldn't last much longer. Fighting now wouldn't save her life, so she stopped kicking and let James grab her legs. They were then tied tight to the spit. Movement was near impossible but she found that there was just enough movement for her to be able to slowly fuck herself on the long hard steal pole inside her.

James and another member of the football team then grabbed both ends of the spit, released it from the Jessica 3000, and carried it over to the pit where Jessica could feel the heat of the fire as they got closer. The spit was placed onto two "Y" shaped poles with a crank locked onto the end of Jessica's spit behind her. She heard the buzz of a machine starting and began rotateing slowly, the heat was at first not so bad. As she got warmer and warmer the heat became almost unbearable she wanted to scream out load but the heated pole had distroyed her vocal cords all sound was now impossible. As she rotated she could see the whole football team and cheerleader squad having a party, music playing in the backround and lots of snack food all over the place.

What had started as a party when Jessica was placed over the coals had heated along with the roasting girl into a full blown orgy of perverted sexual acts between the football team and the cheerleaders. Jessica, although wishing she was somewhere else at the moment, had a mind blowing orgasim while fucking herself on the pole and watching the girls she once called friends fucking all around her.

After sevral hours of roasting, Jessica could feel that she would not last much longer. The smell of her roasting flesh was starting to make her hungry. She began thinking about how she would taste while she faded away and died. James checking on the meat noticed she was dead and ready to serve. She was removed from the "Y" poles and placed on a carveing table. The ropes that bound her cut, the spit pole slid out of her as steam poured from her open holes. She was then gutted, her meat carved into small steak size pieces. The football team and cheerleaders sat down to have their dinner. The team decided the meat was so good they were still hungry and wanted more, it was decided they would spit roast Stacey next. But thats another story!. ^_~

Part 2:

Well I told you that Stacey was another story so here we are again, we last left you just after poor Jessica was spited and eaten by the football team. She is now just a pile of bones being used to pick the teams teeth as they belch aloud. Stacey, having heard the team talking about roasting her next, was starting to shake as she backed away slowly from James, the team's quarterback.

Still on stage, while Stacey was backing away, James jumped at her trying to grab her as she turned quickly to run and triped over the Jessica 3000 still covered in Jessica's blood. Now covered in blood Stacey jumped to her feet and took off running, only to be caught by one of James's team mates, who grabbed both arms, while forcefully walking her back. James was now standing by the Jessica 3000, loading a new spit into the machine "Click, Click, Click"

Seeing the Jessica 3000 locked and loaded, ready to spit her, Stacey began to cry uncontrolably, begging James not to spit her. "Jessica's had more then enough meat, why do you want me?" she asked, tears falling from her face, "Becuase I have always wanted to taste that sweet meat of yours!" he replied with a smile.

Stacey, standing next to the Jessica 3000, forcefully held by James, was now being forced to mount that deadly device. Stacey struggled, without much result, as James tight grip was not going to release her arms as her legs were straped into the machine. Releaseing one arm at a time, James continued to strap Stacey tight into Jessica's hold. Fully restrained, James began whispering in to her ear, "You and Jessica do have something in common sweet meat, You both ride the same spit." he said with a laugh.

Stacey then realized, the team only brought one spit pole with them. She would soon be impaled on the same spit that took Jessica's life only a few hours ago. With her wrists, ankles, waist, and head all straped down, the only thing Stacey could do now was sit and wait for James to give the signal that will end her life. Still Kneeling beside the Jessica 3000 and the bound Stacey, James again started to whisper into Stacey's ear "I'm feeling very hungry, after we finish roasting you, we will roast the other 5 members of your squad here tonight. We might even kill a few for entertainment." he told her laughing at her tears.

Stacey took a look around the field, with what limited vision she had while straped to her chrome lover. She could see her friends, Lina, Molly, Sophie, Sara, and Samantha, were still nude from their, orgy but now tightly bound being used by every member of the football team while they screamed in pain. This only deepened Stacey's guilt about sacrificing Jessica to the football team and her own pain about getting herself and her friends into this situation.

The poor girls were being used by the team in every sexual position possible, while Stacey was forced to watch. She once again tried to struggle and break free of her bonds, to try to help her friends, but like Jessica and all the other girls spited before her on this machine she was unable to free herself from its hold. She resigned herself and her friends to the fate they asked for by attending this forbidden feast.

None of these girls had been called to give up there meat, Stacey began thinking to herself, while watching her friends being raped, "If I had been called to report for processing, thats one thing but to die feeding a pack of ravenous football players is disgraceful!" was her last thought, as her train of thought was derailed by the sight of a man approaching the machine from behind.

Stacey looked to James for the signal. James was shakeing his head saying "No!" Stacey realized he was talking to the man behind her. She knew he wanted her to suffer some more by watching her friends, who were now being gang raped by 2 or 3 team members at once. James was waiting for Stacey to get to the point where she welcomed the spit as an alternative to watching the horror her friends were suffering.

Stacey closed her, eyes unable to watch anymore. James moved over to her and slapped her face hard. "You keep those pretty eyes open!" he yelled. Stacey opened her eyes and was once again forced to watch her friends suffer. With her eyes open again Stacey continued to cry and beg them to stop. "Please stop hurting my friends!" she would yell, with no result.

Stacey knew what James wanted, knew he wanted her to beg for the spit to end the pain of what she was witnessing. Stacey didn't want to give him the satisfaction of hearing her beg for the spit, but she didn't think she could last much longer. Suddenly heard herself screaming, "I cant take anymore of this, please get this over with!!" Hearing this, James smiled and nodded his head to the man standing behind Stacey. She heard the buzz of a motor and knew it wouldent be long now.

James positioned the spit pole at the entrance to Stacey's pussy and let the Jessica 3000's powerfull, slowly moving motor take over from there. Stacey began to scream, not in pain but for a deep fear of what was about to come. Trying to calm herself, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath as the spit pierced her cervix entering her uterus. She could not stay calm for long. As the spit pierced through her stomach, screams of pure pain could be heard all over the field.

As the spit continued to travel the short journey through her stomach then up passed her ribs, Stacey thought she could hear Jessica laughing at her between screams. The bones of the former cheerleader Jessica could be seen scattered all over the field. Stacey knew that in a few short hours, her bones would be strewn over that field as well.

The spit was now passing Stacey's heart. James announced over the microphone "This little lady is almost ready to roast, come on over and watch as she dies!" he said, as the rest of his team dropped the girls on the ground and made their way over to the stage. Soon the spit could be seen in Stacey's mouth as some blood began to drip from her lips.

The onlookers watched with great interest, as the spit made its way from inside the pretty head cheerleaders mouth and stuck out about two feet. James just as he had done with Jessica released, first one hand, then the other, holding them both tightly he bound Stacey's wrists tightly behind her back. Once done he slid the same anal spit that he used on Jessica onto the main spit pole, locked it in place and slid it deep into Stacey's anus. He then did the same to both of her ankles as he had done to her wrists, first releasing one, then the other, with both ankles in hand he tied them tight to the spit.

Now fully tightened to the spit, Stacey could feel the pole being released from the machine. She was scared but now also very aroused. Just as Jessica had found when she had her ride on the spit, Stacey soon found that there was just enough movement available to her that would allow her to use the spit as a giant metel dildo. Slowly she began fucking herself on it while the guys carried her over to the fire pit. She could see the "Y" frame of the spit base waiting to lick her body with the flames.

The sight of the fire pit did not make her stop useing the pole as a giant dildo, in fact, like all girls who had come before her, it only served to intensifiy her aroused state and cuased her to rub herself harder and faster, as much as was allowed by her tight bondage to her steel lover.

Finaly, the moment that Stacey had both feared and been excited about through all her 18 years had come. She knew that eventually this day would come, but she had expected to be ordered by the state to give her meat up to the monthly barbeque, not roasted by a pack or ravenous football players on an eating binge. Still now that the time had come, weather it be forced or not, she was going to her final end as they placed her over the fire pit.

The crank was locked into position on the pole behind her and just as Jessica had heard hours earlier, Stacey too heard the unmistakable sound of the motor that would soon be rotating her slowly start up. The heat was not too bad at first, it felt like a nice spring day at the beach, but as she rotated, James was adding more coals to the fire to raise the heat. Soon it felt like she was at the beach on the hotest day of the year and forgot her sunblock.

With the heat rising and Stacey slowly rotating, her skin began to turn beet red and looked as if she was begining to crisp up nicely. At the point she was nearly gone the combination of heat and limited breath between puffs of smoke was makeing it harder to breath. She slowly drifted in to unconsciousness and faded away. It was clear to everyone that Stacey was dead and ready to eat.

The rest of the cheerleading squad looked on in horror at the fate of their best friend, being carved up like a thanksgiving turkey-girl. As they watched the team eat, they were thankful that the guys had forgoten about them. For the moment anyway, all 5 of them knew their hours were numbered, for they were next!!. ^_~

Part 3: Jessica wasent the only one to be sacrifised to the spit for the pack or ravenous football players, It's Stacey's turn.

Stacey is now just a memory to the 5 scared girls, lying in the dirt, waiting for there turn on the Jessica 3000. James and the rest of the team are in rest mode after the huge feast that was once two lovely young girls' Jessica and Stacey. Just as Stacey had thought while strapped to the Jessica 3000, her bones now litter the ground along side the meatless bones of poor Jessica.

After a short nap James and his friend were up and ready to eat again, looking around the table littered with bones and there wasnít a scrap of girl-meat to be seen anywhere, having already finished, two roasted cheerleaders, a 3rd was needed. But who?

From the remaining 5 cheerleaders we have Lina, Molly, Sophie, Sara, and Samantha. James pacing back and forth staring at the remaining potential spit roasters until a decision was made "Lina!!" he shouted to one of his team mates, Lina was then picked up in her hogtied position and carried over to the stage and her awaiting fait, the Jessica 3000.

Placing Lina on the stage floor at James's feet all she could do was look up into the face of her captor and beg him not to kill her "please donít do this!Ē James would not hear her cries of mercy only of pain and fear. James bent down to Lina's side; she could barely see the glint of steel in his hand and feared he would kill her before she made her journey to the Jessica 3000. James quickly raised his hand and brought the knife down hard on the ropes that bound her, freeing her arms and legs.

With her arms and legs free Lina was now able to move, having been tied for so long she had no strength to run she tried to crawl away but James grabbed her by the waist and flipped her onto her back on one of the empty picnic tables thay were eating at, once in this position James proceeded to get between her open legs and force himself inside her, raping her again. Leaning in to her ear he began to speak to her while ramming himself inside her over and over again, "One last fuck my dear then its Lina-Kabob" Lina began to cry not having the strength to resist she just laid there resigned to her fait.

After this final rape Lina was now ready to mount the Jessica 3000, what most girls at this point have dubbed "The Chrome Lover" placing one foot in its rest she was forced to lift her leg and take a kneeling position on the Jessica 3000 placing her other foot in its proper place, James strapped both ankles in, Lina was then forced to lean forward forcing her wrists, waist and neck into there proper places, All strapped in now Lina began to hope to herself that James would make her death quick, she had seen the agony Stacey suffered watching her friends brutal rapes and did not want to watch her friends suffer before she dies.

Lina now fully strapped too the Jessica 3000, her hopes for a quick death gone for now she knew before she died she would witness the death of her 4 remaining friends as the football team entertained themselves while waiting for there next sweet spit roast to be ready for the fire.
Looking on in horror Lina could see James walk over to Sophie. Sophie was still tied up lying in the dirt; she began to cry as James came closer to her.

James picked up poor scared Sophie and carried her over to the picnic table, Stacey could hear a voice from behind her on the stage, "James will now begin the entertainment portion of our party" he spoke from his microphone. Sophie began screaming "NO!!" as James cut the ropes that bound her. Once untied other members of the team held down Sophie's hand while James began raping her once again, whispering into her ear "Enjoy this while you can, everyone girl gets a last fuck before she dies".

Hearing this made Sophie cry out loud as one of James's team mates began talking thought the microphone again, "Ok all, hereís how the entertainment will work, first Sophie and Sara there will get there last fuck from James, then they will both die" he said while all who could look up to him did so. "Then we will spit the lovely young lady and get her on to cook" he said while walking over to Lina on the Jessica 3000, "then after we eat Molly and Samantha will get there last fuck from James and then we will kill them as well".

With Sophie still under him, on the picnic table, James came inside her and decided she was ready to die, but how? The Jessica 3000 was already occupied by Lina so James had to find another way to end Sophie's life. James thought long and hard to come up with a way to kill Sophie that would still be entertaining. Then it hit him, he grabbed a good size piece of the rope they had been using to tie on the cheerleaders durring there rapes.

With the rope in hand James took one end and tied a noose, looping the rope over the limb of a tall tree and tying the other end to the back of his truck, he was ready, it was announced over the microphone that Sophie would now entertain the team, she would hang by the neck until dead, hearing this caused Sophie to scream and beg them not to kill her "Please! donít do this am I worth more alive for sex then killing me for entertainment". Cheers followed as Sophie begged for her life while being put in place under the hangmanís noose, standing on the picnic table, hands tied behind her back, James placed the noose around her neck. James and another member of the team each grabbed an end of the table and began to move it.

Sophie was very scared knowing soon she would be swinging to her death; she did not want to die this way. With the table moved out from under her she fell quickly so the rope had no slack closing off her airway as she slowly asphyxiated, kicking and trying to scream out all that could be heard was "HURMPPP", Ten minutes passed and Sophie was still kicking, her face purple, legs slowing down a bit. Everyone knew she wouldnít last much longer.

Lina was horrified that she was forced to watch the slow, painful death of her best friend. Sophie's legs had stopped kicking, she was dead, "what should we do with Sophie's body" asked a team mate while squeezing one of Sophie's breasts "Just leave her hang there, shes fun to look at" James replied turning his attention on Lina. By James's look, Lina knew it was her turn she would soon feel the spit passing through her "this is it, my turn!" she thought as James got closer to the Jessica 3000. James gave a nod and seconds later Lina heard the buzz of the machine start with James now behind her he placed the spit into the entrance to her pussy.

Lina could do nothing but scream "PLEASE!!" James looked in to her eye's "You donít have to bed sweetie you will feel the spit soon" he said with a smile. Lina knew struggling was just a waist of the few hours she had left to live, she had seen from all the monthly state barbeques she had attended that no girl ever escaped the Jessica 3000; Lina could feel the sharp point of the spit push passed her cervix entering her uterus. Then the tip punctured her stomach, Lina's screams could be heard all over the wooded area she was dieing in.

With the spit inside her stomach Lina knew she was going to die, even if by some miracle the spit was removed she was too damaged inside to survive, her hours were numbered. The spit continued its course through Lina's body under her ribcage, through her chest, passed her heart. She could feel the tip of the sharp spit hit the end of her throat she tried to lift her head but the strap prevented its movement. With a shrieking scream the spit pushed forward and could be seen sticking from her pretty little lips.

Same as was done to Jessica and Stacey, Lina now found herself with her hands being released one by one held behind her back and securely tied tight, then the anal spit was snapped in place and shoved hard up Lina's anus a "HUMPPPP" was heard as she tried to scream around the spit. Her ankles were then tied tight and the spit was released from Jessica 3000's hold, James and another team mate then picked up the now fully spitted Lina and carried her over to the same "Y" shaped spit posts she had seen cooking the flesh of her 2 best friends, Jessica and Stacey.

Approaching the fire pit Lina could feel the intense heat and began to cry as she was lowered into place, the fire snapping below her kissing her flesh. The crank was snapped in place, the motor came to life and Lina began to rotate slowly.

James went to his truck and pulled out a large bottle of barbeque sauce he wanted to spice Lina's meat up he was tired of plain girl-meat, it was barbeque time. Walking over to Lina bottle in hand he began to pour if over the scared roasting girl, when she was fully covered he handed the bottle to another team mate "Keep her pouring this one on her every half hour" he said as he headed for the stage.

James took the microphone in hand "We still have 3 tasty looking cheerleaders laying there in the dirt, whose next?" everyone began chanting first soft then louder "Sara, SARA!! SARA!!" James looked toward Sara and saw the fear in her eye's, the Jessica 3000 was now unoccupied but Lina was riding the only spit they had thought to bring with them so Sara would not be a spit roaster "Sara your our next bit of entertainment, while Lina cooks" he said pointing to Sara.

Sara, tied up and laying in the dirt next to Molly and Samantha all 3 huddled together scared as James walked over an grabbed Sara by her rope bindings and carried her over to the picnic table "Iím horny again" he said as he got closer to the table. When they reached the table James pulled out the knife and sliced open the rope bindings keeping Sara from moving, at James's signal 2 team members came over to hold Sara down while James raped her.

Once Sara's rape was finished James headed for his truck, knowing exactly how Sara would spend the next few hours, pulling out a large sledge hammer, that he kept in his truck just for days like today. With the sledge hammer he also pulled out 4 large 6 inch long spike's, Sara was very scared and also curious to what he had planed for her. James walked back over to the picnic table where Sara was still being held down, handing the spikes to a team mate James quickly grabbed Sara and picked her up over his shoulder.

Sara kicked and screamed for help as James carried her over to the trunk of a very tall, fat oak. Placing her back flat against the tree trunk, more members of the football team came over to help holding her hands up over her head and her feet flat to the trunk of the tree, James took the first spike placing its sharp tip at the base of Sara's left wrist, a team mate holding it steady while James grabbed the sledge hammer, one quick swing and the spike was driven through out Sara's wrist deep in to the trunk of the oak tree.

The same was quickly done to Sara's right wrist with her screaming the whole time, with her hands securely nailed to the trunk of the tree they were no longer needed to be held in place. Taking another spike James then placed its sharp tip in the middle of Sara's left foot, holding it in place by another team mate James took a quick swing of the heavy sledge hammer driving the spike through Sara's foot into the trunk of the tree.

The same was was quickly done to Sara's right foot, with all four of her limbs nailed to the trunk of the tree Sara could do nothing but hang there and slowly bleed to death. With Sara entertaining them by slowly bleeding to death the team would have dinner and a show, Sara could be seen trying to pull herself up by her wrists and pushing herself up by her nailed feet to take the strain her chest so she could breath. She would be doing this all though dinner until she no longer has the strength when this happens she will slowly suffocate along with bleeding from her wounds.

two hours later, With Sara nailed in place and giving a good show to witch the whole team was jerking off, it was time to check on Lina, James walked over to the fire pit taking a quick look he could see Lina was now dead and ready to carve calling over a team mate they both grabbed an end of the spit and carried Lina's cooked body to the picnic table where she would be carved and served, the spit was pulled out of her leaving the gapping wide open whole, that use to be her pussy, pouring out delicious smelling steam. Lina was then carved and served to the team. Sara could smell the meat of her best friend and cursed her self for being hungry, but she was hungry, very hungry.

Hours passed by, Lina's bones were thrown all over to mix with the scattered bones of Jessica and Stacey and Sara had stopped trying to hold herself up. She was slowly suffocating as her weight pulled her toward the ground causing her lungs to close off and struggle for little gasps of air. Then she was gone. Molly and Samantha looking around at the remains of there friends wishing it all would end.

Part 4 of 4: The Survivors

After the brutal and senseless slaughter of Jessica, Stacey, Lina, Sophie and Sara the football team was now totally tired out and could be found lying on the ground or table where ever they were standing or sitting when they collapsed from partying too much. One guy was even lying inside the barbeque pit, but it was quite cold now.

The bones of 3 innocent young cheerleaders now litter the ground, Sophie's body still dangling from the tree limb she was hung from, Sara's body still nailed to the trunk of that old oak tree, blood everywhere. Molly and Samantha the last 2 members of the cheerleading squad, still lying in the dirt, tied and cant move, playing for a miracle.

There prayers were answered as swarms of lights could be seen and sirens wailed in the distance getting closer, hearing the oncoming noise James woke up as did the rest of the football team knowing exactly what was coming for them James and his friend began filling there cars and trucks in an attempt to escape, completely surrounded there was no escape to be had.

Looking up toward the man approaching them Molly and Samantha breath a sigh of relief, they were saved. Looking down to the dirt covered young girl lying in front of him "I am agent Smith the director of the state female alternative meat program, I am here to help" picking the bound helpless girl from the ground Smith then began cutting the girls free of there bindings, throwing a warm blanket over each and helping them in to the back of his van to rest.

Safe in the back of Smith's van the young former cheerleaders for the first time this long cold night fell asleep in each others arms, arriving at there destination neither one of the young girls would have expected to wake up and find themselves at the gates to the state female alternative meat processing plant, looking up on top of the big gate as they passed Molly and Samantha could see the large sign "State Alternative Meat Processing Plant, Girl-Cow delivery entrance" both girl's look at each other they knew that no girl ever leaves this plant except as steaks.

Inside the plant the van cam to a stop, the doors opened to reveal agent Smith who was not alone several armed guards were at his side, "this way girl's time to get you cleaned up for processing" he said with a smile as he pointed to a door that had a sign above it "Clean Room" entering the clean room Molly and Samantha saw other girl-cow's waiting to be cleaned up and sent to processing.

Upon reaching the center of the room both Molly and Samantha were grabbed by assistants who then cleaned every inch of there meaty body's and pushed them toward a set of double doors the sign above read "Binding Room" entering the room the girl's could see many other girl-cow's standing in rows with there hands bound tight behind there back's, Molly tried to ask the assistant in this room "why are we being tied again?" the only answer given was a bright red ball gag shoved in to her mouth, her arms were then pulled tight behind her back and hands tight at the wrist, the same was done to Samantha and then they were sent on there way though the next set of double door's. Above these doors the sign read "Grading Room".

Upon entering the room, once again girl's could be seen standing in rows as state meat inspectors inspected them and graded them according to age, height, weight and condition, when it was finally Molly and Samantha's turn to be graded the inspected walked over and grabbed Molly hard forcing her to bend over causing her pussy to be revealed from behind, with a gloved hand he began sticking his fingers into Molly's pussy judging thickness and quality of her cunt steak, the same was done to Samantha, after writing all their information on his clipboard Molly and Samantha were lead to another set of double doors sigh above read "Orientation Room".

Entering the room agent Smith came over and guided Molly and Samantha to two empty seat's and sat them down, removed the ball gag's and began to speak "ok girl's your almost ready this is the last stop before processing, any question's?" he asked as he sat on a chair in front of them "ya I have one, why the hell have you brought us here, its not our time to be processed" she asked waiting for his answer. Looking in to her eye's "true, but when you were held, tied up and lying in the dirt while your friend's were slaughtered illegally you meat ratings changed" looking to the clipboard "from your original rating of grade A, 4 star prime, to grade B choice, which is still good but this rating change force's us to process you now instead of the normal, lottery".

Hearing this Molly stood "ohh so because of a pack of asshole's your telling us we have to become dog food!!" a guard quickly runs over and forces Molly back into her seat "not exactly, your meat wont be used for dog food, grade B is still a good grade, you will be butchered up here in little less then half an hour and sent to meat markets all over the country, your meat will be lying in supermarket meat displays by morning" he replied, "I donít understand sir, why?, we have done nothing wrong!" Samantha asked from tear soaked eyes.

Standing up, "I know and it is unfair but the state alternative meat regulations say any rating change from grade A's are to be processed immediately, my hands are tied tighter then yours are right now, I am very sorry" he said as he began to walk toward a door with a sigh above it reading "Visitor's Room, Balcony Level" just before opening this door he turns "if it makes you feel any better your family's are here in the visitor's room to watch your slaughter" he could see that somehow this did not make them feel any better and left the room.

Molly and Samantha were then lead to a set of double door's across from the visitor's room door the sign read "Slaughter House" entering the room the girl's were horrified at what they saw, of course they had seen lots of processing center's when they had attended high school field trips, but they had never allowed the students to go this deep inside, this close to the hanging meat-cow's that could no longer be called human, walking toward the center of the room there feet turning red from the blood soaked floor, blood droplets falling onto them from the over head decapitated side's of meat on there way to the cooling room.

Looking up toward the balcony level both girls could see there mom's hugging the glass crying shouting things like "NO, please! NO" at the center of the room the girls could see the large guillotine that would soon cut off bother their heads to add there lifeless body's to the row of hanging overhead side's of meat. After reaching the guillotine Samantha began to cry, she was taken first and her head placed in the block, she tried to struggle but couldnít free herself she began begging anyone who would listen not to kill her "Please donít do this to me!!" she yelled a young man knelt down beside her began to talk to her "No on here care's about you we are just doing our job's, your just another nameless girl-cow to be slaughtered to us, now hold still this will only sting for a second" he said as he released the rope that allowed the blade to fall quickly cutting her head from her body.

Molly screamed and then fainted as the young man placed a sharp hook into each of Samantha's feet and punched the button that slowly pulled her up to join the rest of the slaughtered girl-cows, not bothering to wake Molly up the young man picked her up and placed her head in the block of the guillotine "you sleep its better this way" he whispered in to her ear as he once again released the rope that caused the blade to fall quickly cutting off her head as fast as it had cut off Samantha's, like before he took a sharp hook and placed one in each of Molly's feet and pushed the button that placed her lifeless, headless body along side the others right behind her friend, as they both moved toward a large window with a sigh above it "Cooling Room".

The next day, "Under article 14 of the state alternative meat program law's, the 9 of you standing here are charged with 5 count's of illegal appropriation and process of state registered girl-cow's, how do you pled?" the judge spoke looking down from high above them. "With the overwhelming amount of evidence, my clients have no choice but to plead guilty your honor" the public defender answered while standing before the judge.

Picking up his gavel, the judge then said "I sentence you all to the maximum of 10 years per count in the state maximum security prison, I further order every state registered girl-cow in each of your family's to report to the state's alternative meat processing plant for processing no later then noon tomorrow" he said as he slammed the gavel down and the 9 defendants were taken away.

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